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Vignette 2023… A year full of surprises

2023… A year full of surprises

Séparateur de contenu 05/02/2024

Our 2023 projects

Home to over 700 species, our zoological park welcomed a number of new residents during the year, including a female red panda and curly pelicans.

The Humboldt penguin pond was scheduled for renovation. Due to technical problems, the penguins moved to another park. However, we will be replacing this enclosure with a new species.


Births at the Zoo

Many births have taken place in our zoo: kangaroos, wallabys, ibises, polar foxes, prairie dogs, meerkats, Chilean flamingos, alpacas… And new residents will be arriving in 2024!


The Little Beasts Barn

Our new vivarium, called “La Grange des Petites Bêtes”, opened during the year. This vivarium allows visitors to learn more about the lives of these small animals, with the return of “encounters with snakes”.


What’s new in 2024

In February, spend Valentine’s Day at Jurques Zoo with our activities on the theme of love, presenting seduction techniques, reproduction and the life of animal couples.

From May to August 2024, fantastic animals will be in the spotlight with “cryptozoology”. You’ll have the opportunity to discover legendary animals, while drawing parallels with the zoo’s real animals.

Make way for history with tales from the Brothers Grimm, for Halloween 2024.


📸 André Cambien